Function – Mission for The faculty of Electrical – Electronic Engineering



- The faculty of Electrical – Electronic Engineering is a professional organization with the function of managing, training and education research for teaching, learning of the college.

- The faculty has functions of managing and implementing directly the training misions according to qualifications managed as well as other social activities.

- The faculty implements the plans, instructions, resolutions of the college and the superior well. - The faculty is conducted directly by the Rectorate of Dung Quat Vocational College of Technique and Technology.    


1.  Implement training according to training program, teaching plan basing on the objectives, training program of the College. Apply technical science into teaching, learning and production.

2. Manage the teaching staff on all aspects: ideology, politics, teaching regulation. Invite experienced teachers to joint the teaching staff. Manage teaching contents and quality of the teachers. Write cirriculum, documents for teaching, renew teaching and learning methods, build teaching plan of the Facluty.

3. Organize science and technology activities, develop the international cooperation projects initiatively, collaborate with science and technology organizations, enterprises in training, Combine training with education research, production and social life.

4. Manage all assets, equipments; build plan to suggest buying equipments for researching, teaching, learning and practising of students yearly; test and evaluate the quality of  equipments regularly; Make plan and suggest to the Rectorate about assets, equipments diposal which are expiration date according to the regualtion of the State.

5. Organize the test, final test of modules/subjects, and final exam; implement the management work of the students of the faculty; educate and train the students, manage learning time in workshop; classify the evaluation of learning and training results of the students termly and yearly.

6. Organize to make a preliminary summing-  up, summing-up, suggest the reward and discipline and implement support policies for teaching staff and students of the faculty.

7. Implement and contribute ideas to the regulations issued by the Rectorate of the college.

8. Encourage the teaching staff of the faculty to part in learning courses to enhance professional level according to the development orientation  of the College. Implement the work of reporting students’ learning and training results of the faculty as well as other reports of the College.

9. Combine with the departments, Faculties in the college to make working plan suitably, basing on union and help together, protect the equitable rights of the teaching staff of the faculty.



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